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Fleet File for Managers

It's clear that running a fleet may seem similar to all, however, all fleets are completely different. What is vital, is that you operate your fleet in a complaint and professional way. This comes with maintaining your vehicle correctly in line with the manufactures service recommendations but also ensuring that each part of the chain is also managed.

This type of management includes managing the driver's licence to drive, assets attached to the vehicle, fuel, travel routing, telematics, driver behaviour, training, driver wellbeing, and maybe driver working time if you operate a commercial fleet and so much more...

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Fleet File is not a Fleet Management System but a Fleet File of all your fleet key data and Road Risk Manager will let you know when you need to take any action.

The image below demonstrates that you are able to add a Fleet vehicle to the 'Fleet File' module. This is done by adding the vehicle, entering the vehicle registration mark (VRM) and on submission, it will instantly look up the DVLA vehicle record as shown below. 

Fleet File Management Platform Software

What's really impressive with the 'Fleet File' system is that this will monitor all of the critical dates of expiry and warning you by way of email that dates are about to expire and action is needed including your insurance expiry if you have included this function. You can allocate a vehicle to a driver, who may also have a record if you including driver licence checks in your service subscription. 

Whether you’re a new fleet manager, person or a professional experienced transport manager it's always worth investing in a fleet management system regardless of your fleet size. Many solutions exist if you're on a budget, however, a low budget doesn't mean cheap it often means self-management with support rather than outsourcing to a third party.

Road Risk Manager recommends the use of technology to achieve the very best-managed fleets. Whatever you do, please don't chase paperwork or use spreadsheets the market has moved on from this many years ago and we can help you choose the very best solution for your business.

Try our Fleet File solution, this allows you to register all of your vehicles in a single solution by calling on the DVLA data, it offers reminders for road fund licence renewals, MOT renewals and much more including your next insurance renewal - Its simple, uncomplicated and is very low cost.

Fleet File Management Software

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