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Driving on company business is one of the most dangerous activities you do whilst at work. So, why is it that some organisation don't put the same importance on this type of additional training as they do other forms of employee training?

With 1 in 4 road traffic accidents involves someone who is driving for work, isn't it essential that businesses begin to focus on driver behaviour, skills and prioritise additional learning and monitoring to support for better business outcomes for drivers? 

In partnership with our suppliers and a road safety charity IAM Roadsmart, we bring you a new service that has been developed to improve driver safety and a training facility that is accessible to all. Road Risk Manager's driver e-Learning is a key resource for any organisation that allows employees to drive on business. It also provides an opportunity to further minimise risk and corporate exposure by addressing driver attitude, behaviour and educate where skill shortages may exits.

Your drivers can be invited to complete an initial online assessment to determine the driving areas that require further training, following this assessment further and specific online training modules can be prescribed. In addition to the prescribed learning, your organisations have full access to the entire suite of an additional 20+ driving modules which can be activated as required to further improve the skill set of your drivers.

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Driver Training & e-Learning


Driver e-Learning record, which contains a wealth of information to assess the risk and next steps

Driver eLearning Modules - Fleets & HGV's